T4 SDVOSB Joint Venture Team

T4 is an SDVOSB joint venture team made up of leading technology companies with extensive depth and expertise with the U.S. Army and other government agencies. T4 was awarded a full and open ITS-SB prime contract. T4 has strong past performance in a wide range of end-to-end IT solutions, offers a full complement of IT services, and possesses the requisite qualifications and certifications to support each of the six ITS-SB functional areas (detail provided on reverse side) T4 is honored to serve the Army & the Warfighter.

T4 Quality Assurance Process

Quality Assurance (QA) is a key element in providing premier support to our clients. T4 believes that QA is not a task that is performed at the end of an effort but is integrated into the way that we conduct business. We do not believe that you can "test or QA quality into a product" at the end of an effort - which is the most expensive time to discover errors and to correct them. We build QA into our processes at the beginning of the effort so that the "QA" that many companies only perform at the end of an effort, for us represents only a final compliance check.

We build QA into our tasks by using templates for documents that lay out the contents of a deliverable. We use teams of two to conduct interviews and tests to ensure that we capture the full spectrum of data and to internally provide checks and balances on what was heard/seen. During document development, we have internal informal reviews by other members of the team to ensure that the document is "on target" and that course corrections are not needed. Finally, we have internal cross reviews of documents before we perform our final reviews and make delivery.

We have included in our JV organization structure a Program Control Office (PCO) that will have a primary responsibility of performing QA of all DV United deliverables. Besides ensuring template/outline conformance, the PCO will call on subject matter expert (SME) reviews of documents to ensure technical compliance - this combination will ensure that we are delivering documents that are technically comprehensive and format compliant.